Campground Rules & Regulations

We must pay annual permit fees and abide by various codes and regulations to be able to operate this private campground as a business. Therefore, we have rules that are enforced and fees that need to be charged. Please enjoy yourselves, your neighbors and the facilities.

1. We do not allow any form of business to be operated from within the confines of the premises other than our own. This includes babysitting and firewood sales.

2. All overnight guests must register and pay usage fees. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

3. Showers, dump station, and trash dumpsters are only available to our guests in good standing.

4. All vehicles and RVs must have current, valid registration available upon request.

5. Please keep speed limit to 5 mph. Watch for children and keep dust down to a minimum. Vehicles are restricted to established roadways and parking areas. Any damage caused by driving off-road will be at your expense.

6. Outside storage must be limited to 1 10×10 foot portable shed. This is for fire danger and insurance reasons.

7. Please keep your site in an orderly, neat fashion. Place all litter, including extinguished cigarette butts and can tops in dumpsters. Site must be cleaned up prior to check out. Additional fees will be charged for clean up.

8. Campground quiet hours exist from 1 hour after sunset until 1 hour after sunrise. Out of respect to other guests, please honor any request for quiet. Excessive noise is a county ordinance violation after 10pm.

9. Pets are required to have proof of current rabies vaccination. Dogs must have current County licenses and abide by California state leash laws and be under control at all times. Please do not allow your pet to bother other guests and please clean up after them. Please dispose of all pet waste in trash receptacles. (do not toss it over the fence or in the blackberries)

10. Fires are allowed only in established fire pits and are subject to county burn control guidelines. Do not build any new fire pits without permission. Any damage to underground utilities will be at your expense due to non-compliance.

11. The pond is a fire prevention reservoir, it is NOT meant for swimming or fishing. Please inform your children of the dangers and do not allow them to play, swim, or fish in the pond.

12. No standing vegetation, dead or alive, should be disturbed.

13. No guns or other lethal weapons are to be visible at the campground. For the safety of everyone, especially the children, if you own a weapon, please keep it locked securely inside your trailer or RV.

14. Drugs are not permitted at the campground. If you are observed and reported using or dealing in illegal substances, this will cause us to ask you to leave the campground immediately.

15. ***A Disaster Preparedness Plan is available for me at my request to Management.

16.  I may Also request my own copy for Personal review.