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Rubicon Trail

Jeepers Jamboree
The oldest and most established trip on the Rubicon Trail. Since 1953, Jeepers Jamboree has been running two large guided trips a year, oneon the last weekend in July, and one on the first weekend in August. They provide food, bar, entertainment, mechanical support, and logistics. It’s a great party, too!

Jeep Jamboree USA
Jeep Jamboee USA has been running guided trips on the Rubicon (as well as many other trails) for many years. Their trips are a bit more individual and pampered.

Harald Pietschmann
Harald Pietschmann runs individual guided tours that are, as much as anything, training sessions on driving a 4×4 in rough terrain. He will tailor his trips to your needs and guide you through the trail, either in his vehicles or in yours.


Stumpy Meadows Reservoir

Stumpy Meadows Reservoir

Stumpy Meadows Reservoir
Stumpy Meadows Reservoir hides some pretty good brown and rainbow trout fishing and, best of all, a 5MPH aquatic speed limit and 10 HP motor limit keep it’s 315 acres of clear water calm and peaceful. Stumpy Meadows a best bet for spring and fall for those who enjoy good fishing, small boats and smaller trailers. It’s a dandy place for mixed groups that might want to do some fly fishing while less experienced or more sedentary anglers use lures or bait.