Campground Rules & Regulations

We must pay annual permit fees and abide by various codes and regulations to be able to operate this private RV Park as a business.  Therefore, we have rules that are enforced and fees that need to be charged.  Please enjoy yourselves, your neighbors and the facilities.  Any violator of Camp Chiquita RV Park Rules is subject to eviction.

  1. We do not allow any form of business to be operated from within the confines of the premises other than our own. This includes babysitting, firewood sales, laundry, etc.
  2. All overnight guests must register and pay usage fees. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.  Tenants must assume full responsibility for their guests’ actions and behavior while at Camp Chiquita RV Park.
  3. Tenants must assume full responsibility for their guests at all times while they are at Camp Chiquita. Tenants must accompany their guests at all times while they are at the RV park & campground.  Persons who have been issued a No Trespass Notice are not allowed to be guests of current tenants.  Eviction proceedings will be brought against any current tenant harboring a former tenant or non-resident person who is on the Camp Chiquita Do Not Trespass List, or any long-term unregistered guests.
  4. Showers and restrooms are for Nightly Campers only, unless you have Management’s permission. Anyone found in violation of this will be subject to removal and not allowed to return to Camp Chiquita RV Park.
  5. Dumpsters are for paying guests and tenants only.
  6. Dump fees apply and must be paid at the Management Office before use.
  7. All vehicles and RVs must provide current and valid registration available upon request.
  8. Speed limits throughout Camp Chiquita RV Park & Campground must at all times be 5 mph. This will be enforced.  Watch for children at all times, as well as keep the dust down to a minimum.  Vehicles are restricted to roadways and designated parking areas only.  Any damages caused by off-road vehicles will be at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  9. RV Park & Campground quiet hours exist from 1 hour after sunset until 1 hour after sunrise. Out of respect to other guests, please honor any request for quiet.  Excessive noise is a County ordinance violation after 10 pm.  See Ordinance § 17.14.200(C)(3)(a).
  10. Pets are to remain on a leash at all times by California State Leash Law, and under the owner’s control at all times. Do not allow your animal to roam free or wander into other tenants’ spaces.  Always clean up after your animal.  You must be able to provide proof of current rabies vaccinations upon request from Management.  Tenants will take full responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by their animals.
  11. Outside storage must be limited to 1 10×10 foot portable shed. This is for insurance and fire danger reasons.
  12. We are committed to maintaining a clean, natural and litter free RV park & campground as much as possible. Tenants, guests and campers are responsible for properly disposing all garbage, cigarette butts, barbeque ashes, waste debris and miscellaneous camping litter.  Trash receptacles are provided throughout the park for this purpose.
  13. Smoking is not permitted in any of the Camp Chiquita buildings at any time.
  14. Tenants may in no way deface or destroy any natural vegetation in their space or anywhere on Camp Chiquita property. Any trimming of trees or bushes must be approved by Management. Not complying by this rule could result in termination of tenancy.
  15. Fences around your space and by road-side are not to be obstructed, removed or damaged in any way.
  16. Any individual who willfully or neglectfully defaces or destroys any Camp Chiquita property will be held liable for full value or replacement.
  17. Abusive and disrespectful behavior not limited to threats, verbal altercation, violence of any kind toward Management, staff or tenants will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of tenancy.
  18. No guns or other lethal weapons are to be visible at the RV Park & Campground. For the safety of everyone, especially the children, if you own a weapon, please keep it locked securely inside your trailer or RV.
  19. Drugs are not permitted at the Camp Chiquita RV Park & Campground. If you are observed or reported using or dealing in illegal substances, the Sheriff / Police will be immediately contacted.
  20. Every tenant is allowed 2 vehicles per space. Extra vehicles or boats will be subject to a $50 fee per vehicle per month.  Extra vehicles must first be approved by Management as space is limited.
  21. Fires are allowed only in established fire pits and are subject to county burn control guidelines. Do not use barbecues as fire pits. Do not build any new fire pits without Camp Chiquita Management approval. Any damage to underground utilities will be at your expense due to non-compliance. NO FIRES ARE PERMITTED DURING COUNTY NO BURN DAYS. No exceptions.
  22. The pond is a fire prevention reservoir only. Do not swim or fish in the reservoir.  Please inform your children of the dangers and do not allow them to play, swim, or fish in or around the pond.
  23. Rear and side gates are to remain locked at all times. Do not go beyond them. They are fire access gates only.


** A Disaster preparedness plan in available at your request to Management